Indefinite Luxury Watches is a high end watch brand for Adults aged 25-50.
Sole City is an online website where consumers can gain knowledge of the latest footwear as well as have the ability to purchase shoes from the website. 
Singe is an upscale bar and grill style restaurant. The target market is adults aged 34-50, who have a high H/H income. 
Roscoe’s Terribly Good Lemonade is a brand that is targeted for children aged 8-12. 
Crosswalk is a Christian athletic brand. The logo shows being active while still representing your faith. 
Trusty Moving company is a non expensive moving company. The simple design is inspired by the company being about trustworthy, clean service.
Cloverleaf is an insurance company. The simplistic squares are a representation of a four leaf clover. 
This a travel destination logo for Los Angeles. The sun is the design represents the beautiful weather that the City of Los Angeles is known for.
Student Takeover is a Church group targeted for teenagers aged 12-18. 
Twin Dragons is an Asian Restaurant.  The target market is set for adults aged 21-35 who live a busy lifestyle and who like to eat food that is quick and easy to obtain.
Sky High Mentorship is a Mentorship program for young men aged 12-18.
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